Success Factors for Interior & Fit-out Projects

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Do you know How the world’s smartest Interior, Fit-out companies are Growing their Profits?

To be successful at commercial interior fit-out & Turnkey Projects, these factors are critical:

  • Efficiently manage your client-facing projects
    1. Advanced Detailed Level Planning, Budgeting and Accurate Project Scheduling
    2. Real Time Project visibility and Collaboration for effective and efficient project coordination
  • Optimize resourcing and Supply chain practices
    1. Supplier pricing and lead time control and alternative sources.
    2. Pricing strategy to client’s propensity to variations or budget constraints
    3. Product and material sourcing, delivery timeliness to critical path, and timely material reconciliations across sites.
  • Reduce the time to produce Invoice, Orders and Receivables Collections
    1. Tight documentation practices.
    2. Timely Invoice, and monetizations of Change orders
  • Standardize critical project-related business processes including Estimation, Project Management, Sub-Contracting , Supply Chain & Project Billing
    1. Automated Process of Estimation to Budgeting and Procurement Planning, and Approval Process
    2. Rigorous and double-checked cost estimates for accuracy and bid success
    3. Tight cost and Budget control monitoring
  • Gain valuable insight into the performance of your projects, materials, resources, and finance
    1. Real time visibility of cash-flow management, forecasts, Cost to Complete and margins.

NAVBUILD, Certified Solutions from Microsoft will be the true success factor for Interior design & Fit-out Business of any Size, and help maximize your firm’s value and set the foundation for Growth plans.

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