NAVBUILD for HVAC Business & MEP Contractors

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Today, MEP Contractors and HVAC Companies offers diversity of job works, Services and Products sales, and getting overloaded with the day to day operational, meeting Customer expectations, and data management challenges.  To sustain a competitive Advantage in the High cost of operations business, minimizing inefficiency, administration hassle and Project executions within Life Cycle Cost is must. Therefore, successful HVAC companies are looking at Single integrated ERP solutions to Estimate accurately, maximize planning, productivity and profitability.

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV, a Project-Centric ERP software seamlessly integrates all departments of HVAC businesses to enhance productivity and maximize efficiency, streamlines operations, and empowers the project team with industry-critical capabilities and best practices.

Extended by Dynamics NAV ERP Foundations, NAVBUILD Certified Solutions (CfMD) from Microsoft provide you with the tools to take control of every aspect of your HVAC business from bids, estimation, budgeting, scheduling, contracting & Procurement, Commissioning to billing and after sales services, all with one fully integrated Solution.

NAVBUILD for Installations & HVAC Businesses allows you to

  1. Accelerated estimates with BoQ Loading, Pre-defined Templates and Simplified Rate Analysis
  2. Estimates traceability and integration with Project Management, and resource planning
  3. Flexible Job Costing & Structures allows you to accommodate the most complex Projects requirements.
  4. Allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects with greater precision.
  5. Bi-directional integration MS Projects/Primavera for effective scheduling and Cost Impact Analysis
  6. Manage inventory and track deliveries across various warehouses and Installation sites.
  7. Role tailored enterprise Work flow, approvals and alerts to execute the tasks on time and make fast and informed decision
  8. Generating maintenance orders for planned and reactive maintenance
  9. Time sheets to tracks hours and costs to service orders
  10. Track Projects milestones for timely Invoicing contracts and service orders
  11. Real time updates through mobile/tab clients for requisitions, m-books, project updates and time sheets.

Here are some of the benefits for HVAC Business by Implementing NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV

  1. Fully integrated and automated Project Management minimizes efforts & data entry and maximizes accuracy and success
  2. Enhanced Planning and Faster decision making with accurate Project and cost data
  3. Optimize your operations by streamline the Project plan & Executions and Maintenance with Industry best practices
  4. Impress your clients with quick response time, and quality proposal by leveraging ready templates and History tracking
  5. Real time view of Profits across Projects, and Cost to Complete, and Cash Flow Forecast
  6. Track and compare project costs vs. estimates to focus on your Project Life Cycle Cost
  7. Fuels the business Productivity by connecting People & Process, and empowerment
  8. Enables in Better Collaboration, real time and Informed Decision Making
  9. 360 Degree view of organizations with Executive Dashboards/KPIs to enable the management to control the project with macro & micro level data.
  10.  Real time view of field and Project team workloads, scheduled maintenance requirements and dispatch resources effectively.

The Single Integrated, data-driven ERP solutions that connects your projects, Suppliers, customers, and their servicing assets, and gives you a real-time view of your entire business, helping you to make fast and informed decision.  Dynamics NAV, a Cloud ready, easy to-use ERP software, designed to deliver the core functional foundation in weeks rather months.

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