Electronics & High-Tech manufacturers need to optimize the supply chain, enable complete real-time visibility with customers, partners, and suppliers, and implement lean manufacturing processes to overcome the challenges and to succeed in the fast-paced Industry.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions can help you improve innovation and time-to-market, delivers powerful manufacturing, financial, linking Customer value and demand signal to Supply Chain. Some of the Must have  ERP features for Electronics & High-Tech manufacturing are:

Materials Management and Demand Planning

Product variability is pervasive to Electronics & High-Tech manufacturers, they need the framework in materials management and demand planning to define and respond to Manufacturing operations quickly, including what the bin products are and what the alternatives & substitutes are, and must be able to track, plan for and capitalize on these variations quickly.

 Benefits of Dynamics for Electronics & High Tech:
  1. Product Substitutes, Variants and versioning of products and parts lists
  2. Powerful MRP planning configurations, including ordering and order data, shopping and sales planning and stochastic processes
  3. Control inventory via Available to Promise, Capable to Promise Deliveries and Safety stocks.

Complex Supply Chain

One of the top bottlenecks they face in the Supply chain planning process is the lack of real time status and insight into the Customer demand signals, contractors’ stocks, Suppliers, Yield and updates from Logistics Providers (3PLs) etc.

 Benefits of Dynamics for Electronics & High-Tech:
  1. Respond quickly to changes in demand with schedule changes and volume adjustments.
  2. Create, Schedule, view, track, Split, roll back and categorize orders including blanket orders
  3. Purchasing agreements with suppliers on price, quantity and delivery time for optimum supplier selection
  4. Insight into the demand signals ( Kanban) of your customers, transparency of product and manufacturing data, and visibility outside your internal operations
  5. Built-in supply chain integration/EDI allows supply chain partners to connect to your system and send electronic updates

High Volume & Complex Production

Electronics & High-Tech manufacturing is a complex, as the production is shared between multiple distributed manufacturing plants, and those, in turn, consist of multiple shop floors and hundreds of machines that must work perfectly, and therefore real time view of Production and shop floor executions is important for Cost control, throughput and delivery promise.

 Benefits of Dynamics for Electronics & High-Tech:
  1. Integrated materials and capacity planning as well as production priorities for managing rush orders
  2. Use multiple production strategies including MTO, MTS, CTO), Manage routings, as well as “in” and “out” quantities and capabilities to utilize dual sourcing, manufacturing contracts to overcome capacity limitations and meet demand.
  3. Extensive production papers with barcodes, label handling for batches and serial numbers
  4. Graphical view of production resources, production orders and QA processes

Track & Traceability

Due to the High Volume, Complex Supply Chain, Compliance and critical nature of the products that utilize Electronics & High-Tech manufacturers, it’s essential that they need to track the lot & serial No of parts or assembly lots or set of parts across the production, supply chain, Distribution and services.

Benefits of Dynamics for Electronics & High-Tech:
  1. Enhanced functionality for assembly lots, where a single start lot operation can pull components from various lots simultaneous and track the forward and backward lot lineage of each unique component lot combination.
  2. Model manufacturing and Logistics process as production and traceability flows
  3. Comprehensive traceability and assign lot and serial numbers that are inherited from the wafer stage, through assembly, to finished goods.
Dynamics 365 help you achieve enterprise excellence across the value chain by delivering data insights from any source, putting people at the centre of the process, enabling flexibility across the enterprise, and delivering productive experiences

Projects Management

Product innovation, design Process, constant Improvement and Project activity monitoring, time, Cost and budget management for R&D processes often decide the future success of a company. Different types of projects and the integration of customers and suppliers into the processes require a flexible system for managing and controlling project activities.

Benefits of Dynamics for Electronics & High-Tech:

  1. Project collaboration using the collaboration module to manage project activities
  2. Management of project documents
  3. Monitoring of budgets, milestones and task progress

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