Manage Multi-Retail format with greater cost control. A complete solution for Jewellery business developed by Cetas

JewelStar is an industry solution developed by Cetas for Jewellery business. It enables Jewellery business to get more organised and move into Multi-Retail format. JewelStar is completely web-based solution that can manage single store and multi-store operations.

Features of JewelStar

JewelStar enables address the end-to-end business requirements of Jewellery Business Some of its features are:

  • Inventory: Manage your Jewel Inventory (Bullion, Stones, Ornament with stone, Ornament without stone, Bi-Metal Ornament) effectively with RFID / Barcode integration
  • Procurements: Handle Procurements & Subcontracting (Dealers, Gold Smith) including Beaten Gold Purchase & Mettle Settlement
  • Margins: Maintain Prices & Margins
  • Sales: Manage Customers & Sales including Point of Sale, Estimation, Chit Sales, Credit Sales, Consignment Sales, Lay -away Sales, Old Gold Sale, Customer design specific order against/without bullion exchange
  • Returns: Manage both Purchase & Sales Returns

  • Gold Saving Schemes: Handle Gold Saving Schemes (Chit Management) which could be Value Based, Weight Based, Lucky Draw, Gift Management. Includes Mobile Chit Collection & Web Based Self Service Chit Module
  • Promotions: Manage Sales Promotion & Customer Loyalty such as Set Making & Set Braking schemes, Discount schemes (VA, Board rate,stones,value based), Gift Vouchers & Points based Loyalty Management
  • Manufacturing: Manage In-House Manufacturing of Jewels
  • Accounting: Completely Integrate Jewellery Operations with Financial Accounting
  • Deployment: All Stores can work both when online or when offline

Top 3 Problems JewelStar Solves

Control: Move to Multi-Retail Format with Greater Control

JewelStar enables you to move from single store to multi-retail format with more control of your operations. JewelStar automates all business operations of Jewellery business realtime. This enables you to establish greater process control with remote stores.

Reliable Data: Through Integrated Business Operations

JewelStar ensures reliable information for your business decisions. Through integrated operations, JewelStar reduces redundant data entry thereby ensuring accurate data for decision making

Keep up with time: Features with Current Business Trends

JewelStar helps you leverage the current trends in your business. With features that can completely manage Gold Savings schemes, & Latest Sales Promotion schemes you can attract more customers and retain them.

Implementation Services from Cetas

Cetas would be a one stop shop for your product, implementation and support needs. Our unique implementation model helps in quick project delivery and maximum customer satisfaction. We offer continuous support services of highest standards to ensure all your post implementation needs.

Glimpse of JewelStar

Have a screen walkthrough of a few features of JewelStar such as Sales Order Management, Smith Order management, Purchase Management, Gold Saving Schemes Management & Financial Accounting

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