automate the vendor on-boarding, Procure to Pay visibility, boost supplier relationships and collaborations to Maximize your Dynamics Investment.

CETAS VMP365, Add-on Solutions designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to address the Growing Mid-Market enterprise concerns on the supplier adoption, Procure to Pay visibility and Vendor Collaborations.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, the tightly integrated solution enhances the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal while you speed up the process, reduce back office efforts, cut costs and improves accuracy of business transactions with vendors and build a more engaging business relationship.

Features of CETAS VMP365

As per the recent Report, 10% of a companies’ operating revenue is spent on establishing Supplier & Procurement team relationship and managing the communications challenges. To accomplish this, many Mid-Market organizations are looking to implement CETAS VMP365 solutions to automate the vendor on-Boarding, real time visibility into Procure to Pay Process and collaborations with vendors. Some of its features are:

  • Vendor On-boarding
  • Automated RFQ & Quote Management
  • Compare the Quote with Technical Parameters and Terms
  • Automated PO Management
  • Online Invoice Submission
  • Workflow Driven Approval & Notifications
  • Highly Secured 24/7 Self Service Portal for Collaborations
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Seamless Integration with Dynamics 365 BC


24/7 Self Service Portal: Automated Supplier On-boarding

CETAS VMP365 automate the Supplier on-boarding Process with approval workflow, empower your vendors to be self-sufficient and free up your Procurement team valuable time, manual data entry and keep your master data including compliance requirements accurate and up-to-date in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.


Procure to Pay Visibility: Seamless Procurement Experience

Tightly Integrated with Dynamics 365 BC allows seamless procurement experience for Procurement team and suppliers by Consolidating Purchase requisition, RFQ release, Quote comparison, convert Quote to PO, release the PO and automates the invoice submission online. It all leads to a fast, efficient Quote to Order and Procure to Pay process, accuracy, all this happen within the system, without double data entry and therefore increased Productivity.

Collaborations:Boost the Supplier Engagement and cut costs

CETAS Secured, Self service CETAS VMP365 empowers suppliers to communicate efficiently and electronically, improves management of critical static and transaction data including visibility of Orders, invoice, payment history, Amendments, Account statement, reconciliations & Invoice matching, real time notifications and more without engaging your procurement team precious time for the queries and communications and cutting down on errors and cost.