Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 business central for business resource planning can prove beneficial for your business for multiple reasons. Choosing the right ERP system will improve your business productivity.

Microsoft announced the introduction of Dynamics 365 Business Central in 2017. This ERP platform has been exclusively developed for small-scale businesses which use entry-level accounting software. Through Business Central Dynamics 365, Microsoft renders a robust platform for small enterprises to manage the backend business processes.

After the introduction of this application, it has successfully replaced Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition. The Business Central version comes with more improved features and facilities to provide a better enterprise resource planning service. The tool facilitates options for managing production, warehouse, and various other business activities.

Before starting a project on this Microsoft platform, users should understand the features. In the next section, you can catch a guide in this regard.

The Structures of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Business Central platform from Microsoft comes with three types of licenses, which are Essential, Platinum, and Team Member. Your chosen license will dictate the features you can avail of on this platform. The entry-level license is Team Member, and thus you will get minimal features with it. On the other hand, the Premium license feature is the most upgraded license having all advanced features.

An Exciting User Interface

Dynamics 365 Business Central has an exciting user interface, making the tool user-friendly. Users can customise the interface according to their requirements. The role-specific view is a new thing introduced by Microsoft with this tool. It means users can view the interface according to the roles specified to them by the organisation. Every user will get personalised feeds according to their specified roles. Apart from these unique features, the software also comes with smart notifications.

Responsive Application

You can now access Power BI with Business Central through your smartphone and other handheld devices. Business Central features a responsive interface, which is accessible from both mobile and desktop. You need to download and install the application on your mobile phone from the application store. Both iOS and Android users can find the app in the respective application stores. You do not need to pay any additional charges for using the smartphone applications.

Easy Integration to the Microsoft Services

Business Central is a cloud-based platform, and thus it can easily be integrated into other Microsoft software. You can easily integrate Microsoft Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365 Apps, Microsoft Flow, and other Microsoft applications. Users can also synchronise their Microsoft Outlook accounts with this application to access the quote-to-cash feature. Developing invoices and sending them via email have now become easier tasks for Microsoft Business Central users.

Native Intelligence

Microsoft has recently announced hefty investments in artificial intelligence to revolutionise applications or software. In such a scenario, Business Central will also be benefitted from such a move from Microsoft. Using machine learning technology, the software will render more accurate forecasts, in-depth analytical insights, and next-level recommendations.

Data Access through Custom Queries

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers robust business intelligence support. Using this tool, you can create custom tables for the potential buyers. As you receive data from potential buyers through these custom tables and forms, you can use the information to make necessary changes to the products. It will eventually help your potential buyers to convert into buyers.

This platform’s custom query feature saves small enterprises time and resources. You do not need to set up a team to conduct surveys to reach more people. You can obtain the necessary data from potential buyers through custom queries. Depending on the collected data, business managers can make decisions on rolling out unique products or services to improve conversion rates.

Final Words

Overall, Microsoft Business Central is a powerful and advanced platform for enterprise resource planning. Besides user-friendliness, the software features easy integration and personalisation of the Microsoft Dynamics tools. 

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning tool is essential for different businesses. In such a scenario, you need to choose a professional Microsoft Dynamics Partner in UAE. A professional partner will provide technical support to implement the resource planning according to your business requirements.

Sarah Administrator