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CETAS VMP365 now live on AppSource!

We have just published our first app on Microsoft AppSource! So after all, I really have to say that I’m very proud of our Product Team at CETAS for their continuous efforts to develop Add-on solutions as part of our ISV Offerings and delivering on that promise, what they have accomplished in the last weeks! We are #CetasVMP365 #ReadyToGo #MSDyn365BC #microsoftappsource #Cetastech

CETAS VMP365, add-on solution to boost your Vendor Collaborations and Relationship has just become available in AppSource – the official online marketplace for Microsoft solutions. Click here to find the solution in AppSource! CETAS VMP365 designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers to automate the Vendor On boarding, Procure to Pay Visibility and self-Service collaborations to boost supplier relationship.

AppSource only features solutions that goes through technical and marketing validations by Microsoft and we’re just glad to have gone through this rigorous process and are now LIVE on AppSource.


Users are now reassured in the knowledge that solutions in the AppSource are of high quality and comply with Microsoft’s Best Practices. The approval also ensures that the solution meets the latest technical requirements, is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and being listed in AppSource assures the consumer that this solution fits the Microsoft product strategy and is upgradeable.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, the tightly integrated solution enhances the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal while you speedup processing, reduce back office efforts, cut costs and improves accuracy of business transactions with vendors and build a more engaging business relationship.

Our goal with AppSource is to provide a seamless experience for customers to find, try and easily subscribe to our Add-on solution. By directly connecting the customers and ISV providers, , AppSource provides the customers a global platform to find solutions that add value to their ERP investments in Microsoft Dynamics family of products.

Over the next months, we will continue to expand our solution portfolio on the Microsoft platform, and looking forward to sharing the next set of solutions #navbuild and Dynascheduler 365 on Appsource. If you are you interested to learn more about VMP365 or what we are doing, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

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Add-ons for Dynamics NAV, Dynamics NAV

CETAS Timesheet – Simply the Process & Employee Productivity


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Currently, small & mid-sized Project-based organizations including IT/ITES industry across BPO’s, KPO’s, Software Development, Consulting, Media, Designers, PMC, AEC enterprises depends on Silos of systems, manual time sheet, scattered availability of Information’s on Project, resources and time sheet and its Processes leads to errors, duplication of works and inefficiency cascades to delayed billing cycles, revenue leakages and impacts the bottom line and cash flow.

Some of the other challenges faced by Project based Organizations are

  • Lack of visibility into Billable Hours, Project resources, and time spent on activities and billing schedules
  • Increased errors in tracking projects leading to inaccurate billing
  • Inability to capture detailed information on tasks
  • Silos of systems lead to lack of integrated invoicing means increased lead times
  • Delayed updates lead to missed billing opportunities

CETAS Timesheet is an easy to use, intuitive and fully configurable solution for Project-Centric businesses, which delivers powerful time capturing and tracking capabilities and efficient operational planning and scheduling of your human resources, control of costs and time spent on a project.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, CETAS Timesheet available for web and Mobile(which can work online or offline mode as well) is designed to support the time capture, process and tacking related needs of a wide range of project-centric businesses, eliminates time-consuming, manual and error-prone tasks, and it drives cost savings, efficiencies, employee engagement and higher employee productivity.


CETAS Timesheet Benefits

Simply the Process & Employee Productivity

Automate the time capture, track against tasks and reporting of effort & time to ensure employee accountability, deliverables, productivity ensures the on-time billing and Reduce organization costs

Collaborative & Comprehensive WBS for Timesheet

Portals and Mobile Apps provide both Projects team and managers access to a single, shared unified data streams to create and manage projects with multiple levels- project, task, activity, set budgets at any level of your choice and Track time against projects and tasks, and fill timesheets on daily, weekly, fortnightly of monthly basis or enter the backlog.

Streamline the Client Billing, Approval Workflow and Communications

Reduce your Admin & Billing team’s workload with a robust, scalable, self-service portal for timely Project time & effort data and Streamline your employee timesheet approval through automated notifications, updates to keeps processes on track, automates time-consuming manual tasks and keeps players informed and involved.

Offline Mobile APP

In case your team works out of remote sites, capturing of their timesheet at the source, becomes a challenge. With CETAS Timesheet Mobile APP, your worries are solved, as this Mobile APP works in a disconnected mode (without any WiFi or mobile data connectivity). When you get connected, the data gets synchronized automatically.

Real-Time Insights leads operational efficiency

Gain full visibility into the timesheet, resource allocations, Billing Hours, Cost at-a-glance insights with built-in reports & Dashboards, Tight Integration with NAV as Time and Project task-related information is automatically transferred and populated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as per project setup, which reduces the risk of potential errors and invoices your clients faster and improved operational efficiency.

CETAS Timesheet Application, available for on-Premise and Cloud, brings you real-time visibility, robust team collaboration and everything your team needs, in one place. Manage clients, projects, tasks, time, attendance, approvals, notifications, and dashboards, tightly Integrated with NAV or your ERP for the client Billing.

To know more about the CETAS Add-ons, Solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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CETAS Vendor Portal -Add-on Solutions for Dynamics NAV

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If you are Dynamics NAV Customer, and your Procurement team going through the below day to day challenges and concerns on the productivity and efficiency then you need to explore CETAS Vendor Portal as more than 10% of a companies’ operating revenue is spent on establishing Supplier & Procurement team relationship and communications woes.

  • Manual Process: Manually Manage RFQ, PO, and vendor details and Updates manually in the ERP
  • Communication– spending time over the phone/email for Supplier queries, updates, amendments, status, Statement of Account and Payment reconciliations
  • AP Process: Delayed response from the vendor for the invoices, site/Store on the GRN/Stock updates, and missed communication to accounts for AP process

CETAS Vendor Portal is a collaboration component designed to help Microsoft Dynamics NAV Customer vendors with an easy, flexible, seamlessly integrated and highly secure Self-service portal solutions to streamline the collaboration with vendors, simplify the tasks and improves the accuracy of business transactions with vendors, procurement team and build a more engaging business relationship.

In the Digital Transformation world, CETAS Vendor Portal powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, enhances the capabilities of Dynamics NAV by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal. Tightly Integrated with Dynamics NAV, the self-service portal provides your suppliers with the means and visibility of real-time information and eliminates repetitive and mundane tasks including constant Vendor inquiry calls, manual data entries and It lets vendors work with Requests for quotation (RFQs), purchase orders (POs), invoices, Price and lets them access parts of their vendor master data, receive real-time updates on the Order status, Payments, GRNs, Stocks, Invoices, and Statement of Accounts.


The portal ensures secure user authentication and administration, vendor onboarding, automate vendor communication, and lastly real-time dashboard offering the building blocks for collaborations and establish the relationship with workflow-driven notifications and approvals, and analytics, thereby helping you reduce back-office efforts.

By integrating seamlessly into your new or existing NAV System, Vendor Portal gives you a real-time, automated, global view of your procurement & Supply chain, allowing you to manage and monitor the performance of your supplier network and immediately impact your bottom line.

Plus, CETAS vendor portals present an extension of your organization as you can brand the portal to your vendors with your logo’s and extend your corporate branding from your website to a secure Vendor Portal.

In summary, the CETAS Vendor Portal available for Cloud and On Premise deployment, provides a more efficient way to communicate and an improved customer-vendor relationship.

To know more about the CETAS Add-ons, Solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit

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