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How does Ledger Allocation work in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

Topic Covered: Ledger Allocation Rule, Ledger Allocation Basis, Statistical Account

This Blog is about how a default ledger allocation works based on ledger allocation rule set-up in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

For an organization that needs to segregate its expenses based on multiple dimensions, cost centers, and projects, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation provides a solution that can automatically split up using Ledger allocation rule.

Configure the following steps in Dynamics 365 F&O for Ledger allocation rule:

  1. Search Ledger Allocation Rule Or General Ledger -> Allocation -> Ledger Allocation Rule
  • Click New and Create a new ledger allocation rule. Ex: Admin Expenses (Admin). Fill in the details:
  • Rule name
  • Description
  • Allocation Method
  • Journal Name
  • Click on Source icon 
  • Field setting as financial dimension and select appropriate business unit
  • Field Setting as Main Account and select Ledger main account no.

Note: We are selecting Admin Expenses Ledger as Main account.

  • Click on destination
  • To Account
  • To Financial Dimension

Here, we are allocating the expense to the same GL account but to different Business Unit (Dimension)

  • D_RE
  • D_PO
  • D_ST


Smith, The Account Manager of Sydney University, booked an entry for 7,000 AED in Ledger Account Administrative & General Expenses (9050) by using a single business unit (152- C_TS) and he want the amount to segregate into different business unit (courses) based on No. of Student in each department – (158-D_RE) (160-D_PO) (161-D_ST) & (159-D_CHE)

The following table shows the type of accounts defined and the business units:

Ledger Account Account Name
9050 Administrative & General
9190 Head Count
9990 Offset Account

Following are the dimensions defined:

Dimension Code Dimension Name No. of Students
152-C_TS College Overall Spending
158-D_RE Religious Education 15.00
160-D_PO Personality Development 25.00
161-D_ST Statistics 30.00
159-D_CHE Chemistry 10.00

Below is the entry posted for 7000 AED

To define no. of student against each department: – 1

Setup a GL Account under Main Account Category as – STATISTICAL

An Example of a journal entry using statistical Account, Posting No. of resource against each course (Business Unit)

After posting entry with the statistical account, create LEDGER ACCOUNT BASIS.

  • General -> Allocation -> Ledger Account Basis
  • Click new and create new Ledger Allocation Basis
  • Define Field Setting Financial Dimension > Business Unit and select the Source Criteria – 152-C_TS
  • And the main account as 9190 (Head Count – STATISTICAL ACCOUNT)
  • Save and close it.

To Process Allocation Request:

  • Go to General Ledger -> Periodic -> Process Allocation Request
  • Select appropriate Basis ID and run the process allocation batch job.
  • Click on ok and go to general ledger > Journal > Allocation open last entry and view the detail.


In case you have any query, mail us.

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Add-ons for Dynamics NAV, CETAS Add-Ons, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV

CETAS VMP365 now live on AppSource!

We have just published our first app on Microsoft AppSource! So after all, I really have to say that I’m very proud of our Product Team at CETAS for their continuous efforts to develop Add-on solutions as part of our ISV Offerings and delivering on that promise, what they have accomplished in the last weeks! We are #CetasVMP365 #ReadyToGo #MSDyn365BC #microsoftappsource #Cetastech

CETAS VMP365, add-on solution to boost your Vendor Collaborations and Relationship has just become available in AppSource – the official online marketplace for Microsoft solutions. Click here to find the solution in AppSource! CETAS VMP365 designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Customers to automate the Vendor On boarding, Procure to Pay Visibility and self-Service collaborations to boost supplier relationship.

AppSource only features solutions that goes through technical and marketing validations by Microsoft and we’re just glad to have gone through this rigorous process and are now LIVE on AppSource.


Users are now reassured in the knowledge that solutions in the AppSource are of high quality and comply with Microsoft’s Best Practices. The approval also ensures that the solution meets the latest technical requirements, is fully compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and being listed in AppSource assures the consumer that this solution fits the Microsoft product strategy and is upgradeable.

Powered by CETAS CHAMP Framework, the tightly integrated solution enhances the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central by allowing the vendor to actively participate with an intuitive and dynamic portal while you speedup processing, reduce back office efforts, cut costs and improves accuracy of business transactions with vendors and build a more engaging business relationship.

Our goal with AppSource is to provide a seamless experience for customers to find, try and easily subscribe to our Add-on solution. By directly connecting the customers and ISV providers, , AppSource provides the customers a global platform to find solutions that add value to their ERP investments in Microsoft Dynamics family of products.

Over the next months, we will continue to expand our solution portfolio on the Microsoft platform, and looking forward to sharing the next set of solutions #navbuild and Dynascheduler 365 on Appsource. If you are you interested to learn more about VMP365 or what we are doing, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

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Certificate changes for your NAV Mobile Client

Certificate changes for your NAV Mobile Client:

If you’ve been getting the below error

Server Connection timeout occurred.

In your NAV Mobile client, the likely root cause is the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) in your Certificate.

If you have the cert created via the below PowerShell script. This means only fs.<IP/Domain> will be trusted by Google (and Android App). This typically happen with SAN(subject alternate name) certs.

Import-Module ‘C:\Users\vmadmin\Downloads\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx\New-SelfSignedCertificateEx.ps1’

New-SelfSignedCertificateEx -Subject ‘CN=<IP/Domain>’ -IsCA $true -Exportable -StoreLocation LocalMachine -SubjectAlternativeName certauth.fs.<IP/Domain>, <IP/Domain>

You can download the New-SelfSignedCetificateEx.zip file from here :


Then please review the below information:

  • Check the certificate, if you have “Subject Alternative Name” or not

  • If not, then it is recommend you to create the certificate using the above PowerShell cmd

(the values in the above cmd should be changed based on your system)

If you’ve any further difficulties, please feel free to write back to us.


Happy NAV usage.
Team Genie@CETAS.

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Meet CETAS at Directions ASIA 2018

The Directions conferences are worldwide community events for Dynamics partners, and its all about empowering Microsoft Dynamics partners with the knowledge, best practices, discover valuable tools for execution and success to grow their businesses. This second edition of Directions Asia,  we will be one of the hundreds of Dynamics Partners attending Directions ASIA 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.

New Ways to bring tangible values to you, and technology innovations for your clients in the changing Engineering & Construction Industry

Meet us at our Booth #B11 to know how NAVBUILD can help your Client business, and discover the success stories of our customers are charging forward towards improved productivity, streamline processes, project controls and performance of projects resulting in successful project outcomes throughout the project lifecycle.

To Drive Value, it’s important to create a Technology, Industry Best Practices and Add-on Solutions that focuses on your Prospective customers. All these years, we have learned and established a seamless solution for your Potentials customers, and Channel experience for you. Visit our Booth #B11 to learn more about how NAVBUILD can help your clients realize their business potentials and success stories of our Customers and Dynamics Partners.

  • NAVBUILD – Certified (CfMD) Solutions for Construction, Interior Fit Out, Speciality Contractors, EPC/MEP, HVAC Contractors and Project-Centric businesses.

You’ll be interested to learn about other add-on solutions:

  • FoS 365 – White labelled Food Ordering Application Platform for F&B industry, Integrated with NAV/LS Retail
  • Vendor Portal – Cloud solution, which enables collaboration with your vendors, by providing self-service functions.
  • TimeSheet – Cloud solution, which enables field project/service staff to manage their attendance, tasks and timesheet and is integrated with NAV.

The CETAS team is looking forward to meeting you at Directions ASIA 2018!  Plan a meeting with us at Directions Asia 2018…


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Four Technology Trends Helping SMBs Thrive in a Digital World- Download the free white paper

Cloud technology sets the foundation of transformation for businesses. The adoption of cloud services worldwide has continued to accelerate at an incredible pace. For almost all industries, the cloud changes how people work, where people work, and the way people do business. While cost reduction is still a top priority, scalability and business agility have stepped to the forefront as primary reasons business are adopting cloud solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics provides customers with a modern and familiar experience with built-in insights, Apps, embedded Business intelligence, and workflows to get you started. Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to:

  1. Enhance productivity and reduce time wasted switching back and forth between business applications and email. Surface business tasks such as requests for quotes or invoices within Outlook and enable the user to take immediate action without leaving their inbox.
  2. Make better decisions when you connect data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, Supply chain and customer interactions to get an accurate end-to-end view of your business.
  3. Empower employees Cloud-based business applications and mobility enables businesses to put technology advancements into practice and make it easier to give employees the information they need to stay productive regardless of where they need to work,and empower to act based on customer demand.
  4. Start and grow easily by accessing apps that fit roles, industries, and business needs. Start with your need and grow at your own pace so change doesn’t get in the way of your day to day.
Microsoft Dynamics seeks to bridge the gap for SMBs who may be struggling with harnessing the latest technology trends. Microsoft Dynamics can take your SMB into the cloud, and make it easy for you to pull and understand business insights. With a focus on Cloud, Digital Transformation, mobility and Common data model, IoT, this all-in-one solution can help your organization keep up with tech trends and thrive in the fast-paced digital ecosystem.
To know more about the Solutions Capabilities, Service offerings and Success Stories. Pls visit www.cetastech.com
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Construction Industry, Dynamics 365, Dynamics NAV, NAVBUILD, Real Estate

Key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics for the Construction & Real Estate industry

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV, Certified (CfMD) Solutions for Construction Industry

NAVBUILD for Microsoft Dynamics, CfMD Certified, Industry ready Construction ERP solution with rich Financial and Project Accounting capabilities, and integrated end-to-end business processes from Estimation, budgeting to execution in a single solution addresses to these challenges, and helps firms stay current with leading edge practices and quickly enhancing the company’s competency and growth.

The Key advantages of Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation for the Construction & Real Estate industry are:

Business Planning and Execution: Construction & Real estate industry is an extremely challenging industry that needs the business owners to be very prudent in their planning due to complex portfolio of legal entities across locations, Project sizes, multi-currency and Compliance’s. One needs to discreetly plan everything from project costing to collaborating with suppliers and sub-contractors, continuously track the cash flow & Budgeting, Earned Value, Cost to Complete and comply with the changes in Government regulation.

NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV with its efficient and Single Integrated Budgeting to Project Execution solutions with Comprehensive Project planning module can be a great help for such planning, helping the users in estimations, project planning, budget planning, site Management, construction and tracking the variations orders with workflow driven approvals. Bi-directional Integration with MS Project/ Primavera also enables the users to execute highly complex tasks and Foresee the changes in the cost implications for the schedule changes in real time with great transparency, which helps the Construction & real estate companies to speed up their processes.

Financial Controls:  Project cost, time, quality, risk and other controls are must and broadly accepted methods like Earned Value, Cost to Complete, Budget Vs Actuals, Cash Flow offers quantitative foundations for monitoring the Projects. With Role centers driven Powerful Dashboards, Reports and notifications NAVBUILD for Dynamics NAV Offers real time visibility and transparency of metrics and targets help push decision-making closer to where execution takes place, and accelerating project delivery.

Collaborative Project Execution:  Efficient and effective project execution at every level in the organization requires real-time tracking of materials, resources, equipment’s, and better communication & collaborations with suppliers and subcontractors, owners, site engineers, and streamlined process to Change Order management, timely billing and monetization’s.

The tightly integrated Microsoft Dynamics Solutions with industry-specific functionality of NAVBUILD and ready to use Project templates, best practices and Collaborations tools allows automation of key business processes and repeat tasks enable efficient project execution and helps to maximize your profitability as well as tighter control of budgets and schedules and increased cash flow.

With NAVBUILD for Microsoft Dynamics, you can:

  1. Develop Quantity & Value based estimation and Budgeting to track and monitor
  2. Make it easier for you to complete projects on time and within budget.
  3. Improve project executions, and mitigate growing operational and financial risks
  4. Improved Project visibility and profitability via customizable Role Centres, KPI dashboards and Supplier portals.
  5. Earned Value Analysis, Cost to Complete & Dashboards – Analyse your health of Project performance and progress (Integrated scope, schedule, and cost metrics)
  6. Bi-Directional integration with MS Project for real time view of your Project schedule, efficient Forecasting and Budget changes notifications
  7. Manage your Pre-& Post tender Process with estimation and Rate Analysis Setup, and leverage your historical performance data for effective Proposals and Bid success.
  8. Manage throughout the Pre & Post Construction and Procurement Process with clear visibility of all aspects of the cost commitment data
  9. Effective and collaborative Sub-Contracting Process for a better productivity
  10. Integrated Assets & Maintenance module for managing your Assets, utilization’s and Spare parts etc
  11. Control equipment and tool assets with unmatched visibility into relevant data and Utilization’s
  12. Streamline your Change Order Management processes and monetization’s.
  13. Workflow driven Approvals & Notifications over SMS/emails – Exceptions Management
  14. Revenue recognition Process
  15. Work and integrate with familiar Microsoft Products.

To know more about the solutions capabilities, Service Offerings and Success Stories, Pls visit www.cetastech.com.

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Get Your Business Ready for VAT – For GCC Countries

The Value Added Tax (VAT) for GCC comes into effect on 1st Jan’2018. Are you confident that your business is VAT ready?

VAT would bring in significant changes to your business processes and operations, Whether it’s pricing, supply chain, cash flow, internal policies or Compliance’s – VAT is going to have an impact on your business, and may require proactive planning with a time-bound action plan for VAT implementations & Compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/ NAV is ready for GCC VAT and make sure your business ready. We have been working closely with our existing and Prospective customers and advising / strategizing and discussing implementation, Upgrade plans, realigning supply chain and administrative transformations and to help them understand their VAT compliance level and build a readiness plan. Given the magnitude of change, the customers seek to move quickly and efficiently towards the new VAT tax regime.

Key Imperatives and Transition Road map for Upgrade/ VAT Implementation

  1. Business Process Mapping, Supply Chain realignment and Impact analysis
    • Classifications of Items and Services
    • Order to cash
    • Procure to Pay
    • Intercompany Transactions
    • Review your contracts, PO Amendments
  2. Tax Structure configuration and computation
  3. Software Set up/Patches Configuration, Training
  4. Document Numbering & Forms Print
  5. Master Data amendments, Including Chart of accounts
  6. Migrations of Transactions balances data
  7. MIS Reports

CETAS follows a comprehensive approach for VAT impact assessment and implementation. Our services are designed to fully prepare small and medium businesses for VAT challenges in GCC, where Functional, Technical team and Business Advisory teams work together to provide seamless Consulting services to ensure smooth transformation to the VAT regime.

Significant changes are expected to take place in ERP systems for VAT, and therefore Customers are thus recommended to be well-prepared, adopt a proactive approach before VAT comes into effect.

To know more, Pls visit www.cetastech.com for our service offerings and success stories, and Pls call +971 55 751 2266/mail us to schedule the meeting.

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