Jewel star is also known as jewellery retail software which is an extensive web based software which is used for handling some of the most important functions required for jewellers. Jewel star has the capability for handling single and multi store environments which helps in bringing the business under the control and managing the remote business effectively. Jewel star has a business process which is complex and is used for managing the business effectively. The increased market competition and roaring bullion rate have evolved the business from the way it was done earlier.

Jewellery retail is a business which is run by a family traditionally before and nowadays it is done in all new corporate companies in countries like India. Jewellers nowadays are moving towards multi retail formats from a single large format to increase their market reach. As the business involves the high valued items and running the multi jewellery retail stores without the presence of the owners is a great risk. Due to this the jewellery store owner are on the lookout for the jewellery retail software which helps in controlling the business all over the store. By recognizing the needs of the jewellery Cetas Information Technology Pvt Ltd offers jewel star or jewel retail software for addressing the needs of the jewellery retail businesses.

There are two different models in which the jewel star can be deployed. They are,

1. Online Deployment Model
2. Disconnect Deployment Model

The online Deployment model is the model in which the head office will host the jewel retail software application on the static IP address and the branch offices are connected through the web browsers.

Distributed Architecture:

From head office to outlets:

1. All masters such as price ranging, item categories screen setup, employees setup, Chit Master Creation configured in the head office will be sent automatically to all the outlets.
2. All the purchases will be done in the head office.
3. Centralized reporting and management.
4. Collection and communication of data automatically from all the outlets.
5. Discounts, promotions and tax.
6. Transfer of stocks to outlets.
7. Centralized tagging facility.

From outlets to head office:

1. All the transactions such as delivery, adjustments, smith issue and receipts, vouchers, sales and chit receipts will be sent automatically to the head office.
2. Transfer of stocks to head office.
3. Chit master, customer master.
4. Customer purchase which means the purchase of old gold from the customers.

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