Every year, we get a list of trends that will be trending throughout the year. Some technology trends repeat too-like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, etc. They have been on every year’s trends list for the past few years. But that doesn’t mean they are outdated already. They are rather evolving and taking shape every year on a larger scale.

Here are some technology trends that are going to rule the year and make businesses-large and small-adopt to them in some or the other way.

  • Connected Retail

Retail today is getting disrupted through digital transformation. Users are now connected 24/7 which elevates their expectations from the companies. To meet the constantly changing demands of their customers and give them personalized services, retailers are moving to become customer-centric than product-centric. The power of the cloud, analytics, and intelligence will take retail to a whole new level.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new buzz word anymore. More and more developments in AI are taking shape in various industries and situations and will have a significant impact on the world economy in the coming years. AI is there in manufacturing, customer service, marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, and all other business areas that you can think of. Through the smart use of Artificial Intelligence technology, business and consumers will all benefit.

  • Collaboration

Companies are now adopting more
and more collaboration tools for their teams. This year, collaboration will be
the foremost thing companies will look for as it allows the teams to get
connected and collaborate from almost anywhere. Using collaboration tools
centralizes workflows, integrates business applications, and empowers communication
in real-time.

  • Automation

Automation and workflows are going to make the work easier. These technologies will gain bigger roles in decisions and actions with heavy implications. Automating repetitive tasks and incidents leave the more complex and time-consuming problems for humans to fix. Today, a company can save more than 50000 man-hours and complete test cycles about 50% faster by adopting automation.

  • Voice and Chatbots

According to Gartner, AI will play
a major role in customer service with the help of voice and chatbots. 80% of
businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation by 2020.
More and more industries are using chatbots to automate other business
processes too. Chatbots and voice bots will become mainstream in 2020.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is shaping up in many industries like retail, manufacturing, automotive, energy, etc. Smart homes, smart factories, and smart cities are all possible with IoT. With the increasing need for communication, networking, and smart use of data, IoT will be at the forefront of evolving technologies. Further innovations like 5G will ensure that IoT remains sustainable.

  • AI Security

While AI and ML augment the decision-making process across the organization, enable automation, and leverage transformation, it also pose challenges to security teams. As the potential attack points increase with IoT, cloud, and highly connected systems, Security and Risk leaders will have to focus more on fraud protection, security defense, and anticipating attacks.

This list is not exhaustive as every day the technology is evolving and changing the business scenarios. So, make your business ready to stay abreast of these trends with Microsoft and CETAS!