Adapting your processes and operations as business conditions change— particularly across your supply chain is critical to ensure your organization thrives and remains competitive. Ensure business continuity even in times of disruption by bringing better visibility and planning agility into your supply chain with Dynamics 365.

Innovate, optimize inventory and maximize asset uptime

By building a more resilient supply chain, you’ll not only help ensure business continuity but maximize your operational efficiency and profitability. Your organization will be able to react quicker and better manage disruptions across logistics, facilities, manufacturing, development, and even corporate functions.

Get up and running quickly, work with your existing systems, and see across your data in real time with Dynamics 365.

Enhance supply chain visibility

Quickly identify supply and demand issues through insights gained from a real-time view of your vendors, cross-channel inventory, production, and logistics. Then use simple, low- and no-code visual editors to create automated processes that resolve them

Build agile production and distribution processes

Consistently deliver products on time. Perform production and distribution planning in near real time with in-memory services to ensure your business has the right resources—inventory, people, and equipment—in the right place at the right time.

Reduce maintenance costs

Decrease downtime of your critical equipment, improve overall equipment effectiveness, and maximize equipment longevity by performing proactive maintenance before disruptive failures occur.

This guide explains key operational scenarios that will help you respond to rapid business changes—even in crises—through agile planning, distribution, and fulfilment. For each scenario, you’ll explore a shortlist of questions to understand your current situation, activities to plan for what’s next, and resources to get you started.

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