Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction Industry

As an industry-specific construction ERP software, NAVBUILD, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central, solves several problems for customers in the construction industry. Here are some key challenges that NAVBUILD addresses:

Project Management

NAVBUILD helps streamline project management by providing tools to plan, execute, and monitor construction projects. It facilitates efficient resource allocation, and integrations with MS Project & Primavera for Project scheduling, progress tracking, and cost management, enabling better project control and timely completion.

Cost Control and Budgeting

One significant challenge in construction is managing costs and staying within budget. NAVBUILD offers features for accurate estimating, budget creation, cost tracking, and real-time visibility into project expenses. It helps identify cost overruns, analyze project profitability, and make informed decisions to control costs effectively.

Subcontractor Management

Coordinating with subcontractors and managing their contracts, work progress, and payments can be complex. NAVBUILD simplifies subcontractor management by providing a centralized system to track subcontractor information, manage contracts, and automate processes like billing and payment approvals.

Project-Driven Procurement and Inventory Management

Efficient procurement and inventory management are crucial for construction companies. NAVBUILD enables streamlined procurement processes, including supplier management, purchase order creation, and tracking. It also helps optimize inventory levels, manage stock across multiple projects, and ensure timely availability of materials.

Financial Management

NAVBUILD, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC offers deep financial management capabilities, allowing companies to handle Project accounting, invoicing, accelerate financial close, improve forecasting, and get real-time performance metrics and financial reporting. It provides insights into project profitability, tracks expenses and revenue, and automates financial processes, enhancing financial control and reducing manual errors.

Document Management

Construction projects involve handling a large volume of documents, including contracts, drawings, specifications, and correspondence. NAVBUILD, leveraging Microsoft Sharepoint offers document management features to organize, store, and track project-related documents in a centralized repository, improving collaboration, version control, and document retrieval.

Reporting and Analytics

NAVBUILD’s inbuilt reports and analytics offer your data right from Project estimation, Win/Loss Analysis, Budget Vs Actual, Earned Value, Estimate to Complete (ETC), Project Cash flow, Project Progress and Industry ready KPIs, and gain insights into project performance, financials, resource utilization, and other critical metrics. Dynamics 365 BC reports allow insights across Enterprises to help in making data-driven decisions and improving overall business efficiency.

Overall, NAVBUILD, powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central, aims to enhance operational efficiency, project control, cost management, and collaboration for construction companies, ultimately leading to improved project outcomes and profitability.