Due to the increase in the price of raw materials and the increased land cost many construction companies are demanding for a better cost control method, and the timely and quality delivery of the particular project. To achieve this these construction companies should be incorporated with software which is used for accurate project estimation and comprehensive project management with an in build financial accounting capability. CETAS Information Technology Pvt Ltd offers NAVBUILD for this purpose.

NAVBUILD is the Construction Management software built on top of Microsoft NAV, which is formerly known as Navision and is used for fulfilling some of the most important needs of construction companies. NAVBUILD is the construction ERP software which helps in managing the construction project management needs.

NAVBUILD is designed to handle the demands of the real estate industry from A-Z that is from the definition of the project, its planning and execution. NAVBUILD can be deployed easily with minimal changes as it is built on top of industry best practices by industry experts. NAVBUILD provides an approach which is integrated into planning and links time, resources, coats and BoQ items. Projects can be planned for a specific period or for the entire duration. Once the planned statements which contain information about the cost, resource and periodic turn over are generated NAVBUILD loads the bar chart automatically by clicking the button thereby increasing the accuracy and saving the man hours.

The following are the various fields in which NAVBUILD is used they are,

Purchase & Stores:

NAVBUILD provides a wide range of functionality for handling all aspects of purchases and stores. NAVBUILD is used for tracking metrics at the time of purchase and delivery to provide material analysis reports and a host of vendor ratings which affects buying decisions. Integration of the NAVBUILD with the planning system ensures the elimination of high stock levels and ensures timely procurement. Managers will get the online status regarding orders, expected delivery dates, and the status of their needs.

Contract Management:

NAVBUILD in contract management is used to handle both contracts with the client as well as the subcontracts and work services issued by the main contractor. The integration of NAVBUILD with various other modules automates the process of generating the applications for payments and the verification of subcontractors’ applications ensuring unprecedented accuracy.

Plant and Machinery Management:

NAVBUILD provides online alerts and maintenance checklists based on user criteria thereby facilitating the process of preventive maintenance. It is also used to control the cost incurred on major repairs and overhauls with the help of the system. Treatment of the plant and machinery function is facilitated as the individual business with the help of NAVBUILD and the hire charges of various projects is based upon deployment and utilization.