Dynamics 365 Supply Chain
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Build resilience with an agile supply chain-Solution Guide

Adapting your processes and operations as business conditions change— particularly across your supply chain is critical to ensure your organization thrives and remains competitive. Ensure business continuity even in times of disruption by bringing better visibility and planning agility into your supply chain with Dynamics 365. Innovate, optimize inventory and

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How to create Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent (Chatbot) to Improve Customer Service

In today’s world, Can anything be better for your enterprises than providing faster response to your customers? Self-service is increasingly the preferred route for 24×7 access to information, and this has led forward thinking organizations to delight the customers with Chatbots and AI for customer care. Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent

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CETAS Service

Our commitment to customers during COVID-19

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 together, we understand our customers and Partners will have questions and concerns about our services, impacts, if any. We want to reassure you that operationally, CETAS is committed and well prepared to ensure the support and business continuity for all our

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