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Most of the Growing Interior Fit-Out contractors have fragmented, unstructured, excel driven, and manual processes for managing the Procurement planning and fulfilment that result in

  1. Longer Planning and increased Cycle times in Project Procurement
  2. Lack of visibility as Procurement not aware of Project needs, and Project not aware of Procurement needs
  3. Disconnected Project and Site data leads to Poor and delay in Procurement decisions
  4. Delayed approval Process as lack of communication and Standardisation
  5. Missing data, incomplete data, and inconsistent reporting errors lead to confusion, project delays and cost overruns.

Procurement Planning, fulfilment and logistics of Materials and resources account for 45% to 70% of enterprise activity and are fundamental parts of the project in the Interior Fit-Out Industry, and absolutely critical to the delivery of a project on time, and on budget. Growing Interior Fit-Out enterprises focus on improving efficiency, Productivity and collaboration among teams and payment control.

NAVBUILD empowers the Interior Fit-Out Procurement team to effectively manage the procurement, reduces procurement cycles, and improves service levels through Project and Collaboration. As per the recent survey, 87% of respondents believe that good procurement is synonymous with a successful project in the Fit-Out & MEP Industry, with centralized data and built-in world-class Microsoft Dynamics Global ERP solution, designed for the Interior fit-out Industry, NAVBUILD brings together estimation, project and procurement information in a single integrated platform to orchestrate execution with project-driven Supply chain enables collaborative planning among Project and Procurement to track live project at all times and ensure performance.

Procurement is all about process, communications and cost savings. Go digital with more accuracy, efficiency, and Productivity and breaks the silos and dependencies throughout the Project Lifecycle.  Using NAVBUILD Pre-Configured Procurement Process for Interior Fit-Out, you can:

  1. Reduced Planning time: Successful project execution and delivery is a direct result of systematic Process, planning and monitoring of Materials and resources in line with approved budgeted values and Qty. NAVBUILD allows Collaborative Procurement Planning with the Procurement, Project, Design, Estimation and Site team and helps them to identify the detailed procurement needs, source of supply (RFQ, Preferred Vendors, Internal transfers or Production order to your Sub-assembly/Mfg unit), Procurement schedule for the BoQ, wastages calculations, multiple UoM options for BoQ (ability to specific quantity by Breadth, width & Height), and automates your Procurement and streamlines the process of requisitioning, sourcing, procuring, and payments. This will help the Procurement team reduces the number of planning iterations, economic buying of units & qty, and informed decisions and makes each iteration faster, thus reducing the planning and cycle time.
  2. Enable better Control of Material and resources: NAVBUILD allows the site team to initiate the requisitions (MRN/Indent) against the Project BoQ and ensures control over the budgeted qty and value. With configurable, multiple role driven approval workflow, the Project, procurement, sites and management team will have the visibility of the requisition, approved (Fully or Partially) or rejected or amended (qty changes), and ensures the adequate checks to control the material requirements, Procurement schedule, and also advance warning before spending runs over budget. This empowers the Project and Procurement to act on the Procurement Plan to avoid the excess/under inventory, lead time, delivery schedule, and visibility on the available budgets, Ordered Qty, Requested qty and Cost.

  1. Procure & Deliver Faster: Based on the identified sourcing strategy, NAVBUILD enforces the Procurement team select the appropriate sourcing including Preferred Vendor, Production Orders, Internal transfers, Request for Quotation (RFQ) for materials, and install or install/supply sub-contractors for the resources (work order) and act quickly on all approved requisitions and consolidate, if required and validate the change orders (Non-tendered items, if any) information. Authorized procurement team then use the integrated, pre-configured project-based supply chain execution process to execute effective supply chain activities including sourcing, negotiations, empowering proactive data-driven informed decisions on the lead time, coordination and tracking of shipping and receiving that reduces administrative time, wastage and aligns delivery to key projects effectively.
  2. Effective Payment Settlement: NAVBUILD helps the accounts and finance team with a single integrated view of budgets, cost including committed Costs and billing. NAVBUILD simplifies the process to calculate the effective payment due for your suppliers against the GRN including QC visibility and progress payments (based on Measurement Book- % or BoQ qty) for the contractors, specified on the contract including the advances paid, and applicable retentions, statuary deductions before payment is made, once the required approval in place.
  3. Improve Productivity: NAVBUILD Self-service Vendor Portal helps to onboard the supplier & Subcontractors quickly, release RFQ and collaborative engagement to establish process standards, eliminate all manual data entry, and duplication of data, and reduce operational costs and governance to maximize vendor adoption and productivity.
  4. Approval and Workflows: NAVBUILD offers configurable multi-level, role and workflow-driven approvals and enforces workflows and no steps are skipped or repeated unnecessarily and allows users to communicate consistently with clients, teams and suppliers.
  5. Real-time Reports & Dashboard: Gain at-a-glance insights with built-in project metrics for Project execution, spending and financials to make informed and timely decisions. With Dynamics NAV Mobility and multi-dimensional Analysis, NAVBUILD drives insights anywhere, on any device.

The project manager inherently drives to minimize risk by requesting the items for the BoQ in full or partially reserved, and the Procurement manager focuses on optimizing inventory and maximizing working capital across projects by consolidating the indents for a negotiation with the supplier for a better rate & terms. Since they do not have real-time data and Poor visibility into each other’s requirements, schedules or priorities and numerous dependencies, the result is very little confidence on either side that the project will be delivered on time or within budget.

If you are a growing Interior Fit-Out organization with multiple projects at a time, then Project driven Supply chain solution, designed for Fit-Out Industry for improved automated communications among the involved procurement, project and finance team is the need of the hour. Visit for more information or write to us at to schedule a meeting to discuss your ERP initiative and demo.