As customers go through a sea change, retailers must adapt and be prepared to change their skin – or disappear.

Success will increasingly boil down to retailers’ ability to offer customers a personalized, seamless shopping experience in an exciting environment where people want to spend their time. Forward-thinking retailers will concentrate their efforts on implementing technology that delights customers and helps staff make shopping more exciting, fun and memorable.

To meet the business imperatives they face, a solid integration of in-store technology with Solid ERP foundations, unified view of customer, multi-channel platform to Order and full-fill from anywhere, Real time analytics and social media will be essential to offer the type of personalized service that boosts customer engagement and seamless Shopping experience. The industry is moving quickly. Act now to win in the long term.

LS Retail is one of the world’s leading retail solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  LS Retail is used in over 66,000 stores in 130 Countries. LS Retail on Dynamics NAV helps retailers & Hospitality businesses worldwide to optimize their business practices, increase revenue and satisfy old and new customers – easier, simpler and faster.

In the future, the customer experience you offer will determine your success. To stay on top, you will need tech that supports speedy transactions, service on the floor and personalized recommendations. You can download the Retail of the Future, Retail Trends’17.

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