Move your business into Multi-Retail format

Make your jewelry business more organized and move to multi-retail format easily with a web-based solution-JewelStar. From manufacturing and inventory to sales and promotions, manage all your jewelry business processes from a single platform. Whether you have a single store or multi-store operations, JewelStar helps you streamline the complex functions of your business.

Address end-to-end requirements of your Jewellery Business

Manage your inventory (bullion, stones, ornaments, etc.) effectively with RFID / Barcode integration
Handle procurement & subcontracting including beaten gold purchase & metal settlement
Maintain Prices & Margins
Manage customers, sales (POS, estimation, chit, credit, consignment lay-away Sales, old gold, designs made-to-order against/without bullion exchange), sales/purchase returns
Handle Gold Saving Schemes (value based, weight based, lucky draw, gift management)
Manage sales promotion & customer loyalty schemes
Manage in-house manufacturing of jewels

Top 3 problems JewelStar solves

Enables you to move from single store to multi-retail format with more control of your operations. It automates all your business operations in real time and enables you to establish greater process control with remote stores.
Ensures reliable information for your business decisions. Through integrated operations, it reduces redundant data entry thereby ensuring accurate data for decision making.
Helps you leverage the current trends in your business. With features that can completely manage Gold Savings schemes, & latest sales promotion schemes you can attract more customers and retain them.

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