Manage the front to back of your retail business


An end-to-end retail POS solution decked with integrated and innovative functionalities that today’s retailers demand. With LS Central ((formerly LS Nav) in place, the retailers can get better business insights, improve merchandising decisions, scale in size & business with a single retail solution architecture. Whether yours is an apparel & fashion, furniture, food & grocery, supermarket, or e-commerce based business, LS Central is designed to meet every retail business’ demands.

LS Central Hospitality (formerly LS Nav Hospitality) is comprehensive and powerful Hospitality solution that transform your fine dining, quick service, or fast casual restaurant, bakery, café, or pub to streamline operations, ensure order accuracy, offer great customer experience, and adapt to changes in the industry. From a stand-alone POS system to an all-in-one restaurant management software, you can seamlessly manage front- and back-of-house operations that can help you achieve more efficient management of your kitchen, tables, and reservations



Made for every retail industry, size, or target market

Meet the needs of different trading models


Manage front and back of your business

Centrally manage and get a greater control over your business across multiple stores and functionalities with a single, custom-designed, and cloud-enabled platform. Keep a check on your whole operations, both front-end and back-end in real-time from a single place.


Connect and Scale your Business easily

Whether you’ve a single store or a chain, get the same control over your business. Easily connect and scale across multi-channels like e-commerce stores, mobile apps, and traditional stores including item, customer and vendor management, loyalty programs and much more.


Gain Better Insights from anywhere

Create personalized experience for the customers using daily dashboards and KPI monitors to identify bestsellers, combo products, in-depth store-wise and product wise performance, and transform them into actionable insights to take better business decisions.


Improve Merchandising Decisions

With manual and auto-replenishment options, stay assured of the right inventory levels at the right stores. With planning and forecasting module, purchase items based on real-time market trends, historical data on store locations, or customer preferences.