Keep your applications up-to-date and get new applications developed with our Application Management Service (AMS)

If you are using Microsoft Technology in your applications, it is easy to develop, maintain, and transform them with our Application Management Service. With CHAMP, our in-house methodology for developing and deploying applications, you can get your apps up and running in quickly and efficiently.


Build world-class custom apps

We have expertise and experience in building the customized applications for multiple platforms – server, web, and mobile. 

  • Client-Server Applications: These applications are meant for intensive use on desktops and are build using Microsoft .NET technology. With our library of pre-built and reusable components, the applications development and deployment process are easy and quick.  
  • Web Applications: Web applications are built using .NET (Silverlight) and Open Source technologies. Our highly effective frameworks and techniques of development and UIs such as DevExpress, TelerikUI, and MVC ensure robust web application development. 
  • Mobile Applications: With our specialization in Xamarin and Telerik frameworks and widgets for developing mobile applications, we can build, test and monitor mobile applications (Android, iOS and Windows) efficiently in a single platform.

Keep your apps up and running

Applications need regular maintenance so that they keep giving their best to your business. We help you do just that by our annual maintenance plan, audits, enhancements, and fine-tuning. 

  • Annual Support Services: Plan the regular maintenance of your existing applications by opting for annual support services which includes technical maintenance (database and application), support helpdesk, business critical support and rollout of hot fixes relating to the technology used. 
  • Enhancements & Fine-tuning: Improve the capability of your existing applications by relevant enhancements, bug-fixing, integration to other apps, performance fine-tuning, and user training and documentation. 
  • Application Audits: 
Get the performance and health audit of your applications done to know what it will take to enhance their use and performance.

Migrate from existing apps to latest technology

With the changes in technology, your applications need upgrades too. Migrating from the existing apps to the latest ones is easy with our structured transition framework that ensures error free migration & upgrade. Migrate your applications across multiple databases, platforms and application frameworks with our Application Transformation Service. 

CHAMP – Our own framework to speed Application Development Process

For rapid application development, we have created a library of reusable components such as modules, workflows, code-generators, notification engines, reports, user interfaces, codes etc. These are highly configurable and flexible to suit to unique customer requirements. This library is audited, coded, and tested as per product development standards. With the constant efforts of our team, this library has now grown to cover most of the typical custom app development scenarios. This has enabled us to reduce the application development time to 30%-40% and ensure considerable time & cost savings to customers.