Elevate Your Business with NB Assets - Assets Maintenance Add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

NB Assets is a powerful add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to streamline plant and equipment maintenance processes while enhancing asset management capabilities. NB Assets empowers businesses to efficiently manage their assets and maintenance operations for any industry to maintain its Plant, Equipment and Machinery.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and scattered records, and embrace the power of streamlined asset tracking and management. NB-Assets, your ultimate solution for optimizing asset management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive maintenance management: NB Assets provides a complete solution for managing preventive and breakdown maintenance for Plant, equipment, machinery and tools in any industry.
  • Assets Master: Centralized asset repository list with all the information such Assets Masters, warranties, Schedules, Depreciation, OEM Vendor details.
  • Maintenance Scheduling: You can configure maintenance schedules based on equipment usage or date intervals. Ensure timely inspections, preventive or Breakdown maintenance, and repairs
  • Work Orders: Create work orders for maintenance tasks and assign work orders to optimize schedules and service routines. Monitor progress and status.
  • Spare Parts Inventory: Track the inventory of spare parts and consumables for your assets, ensure you are never out of stock.
  • Assets Utilization: Monitor assets life cycle, assets utilization, overall cost of an asset, productivity and reduces downtime.
  • Component tracking: NB Assets tracks all components used for maintenance, including historical data, so you can easily identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Automatic updates: Get automatic reminders for preventive maintenance or breakdown maintenance orders.

Top reasons to choose NB Assets

Built Inside Dynamics 365 BC: Leveraging the power of your existing ERP system for a unified experience and making use of the data within the applications to give a 360-degree view of your assets
Increased Efficiency: Streamline maintenance processes, reduce downtime, and extend asset lifecycle through proactive management.
Cost Savings: Reduce maintenance costs, minimize unplanned downtime, and optimize spare parts inventory

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