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When you think of a cricket match, the image of the No.11 batsman, like Courtney Walsh or L Balaji leaving the ball, may come to mind – a comical spectacle indeed. These tail-enders are a unique part of the game, typically not known for their batting prowess.

In the world of construction, we have our own “tail-enders” – those aspects of a project that often go unnoticed because they don’t seem significant at first glance. One such aspect is Change Orders in construction projects. They are the unsung heroes of cost management, and if not managed proactively, they can have a significant impact on your project’s bottom line.

Let’s explore this further:

In a construction project, most of the attention is understandably directed towards planning, labour, and material costs. However, Change Orders, those seemingly inconsequential alterations to the project’s original scope, can quickly add up to a significant portion of your project’s expenses. These often represent 5-15% of the total project budget.

Herein lies the opportunity to save costs and boost your project’s profitability, but it requires some diligence, Process adherence, and the right tools. Here’s how a Construction Industry ready ERP Software like NAVBUILD can help:

  • Identify Change Orders: NAVBUILD can help you capture a comprehensive list of all change orders like Changes in BoQ, Changes in Items, Changes in Resources, Rework etc. throughout the project’s lifecycle.

  • Evaluate Necessity: With data at your fingertips, you can ask the crucial question – do these changes add value to the project? whether it’s Billable or not Billable, and what’s the impact on the overall project cost. If not, it’s time to eliminate unnecessary adjustments.

  • Vendor Comparison: Further, NAVBUILD helps you to release the RFQs for the changes, and get fresh quotes from different vendors for the same materials or services affected by change orders.

  • Collaborate with Teams: Engage with your procurement and operations teams to finalize vendors or suppliers who can accommodate the changes at a reduced cost.

  • Budget Control: Implement budget tracking within the NAVBUILD ERP software to monitor and manage change order expenses in real time.

This is where Construction ERP Software can be your game-changer. NAVBUILD is tailored to handle the intricacies of construction management, including change order tracking, vendor management, approval workflows, and budget control. With NAVBUILD, Construction Industry solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 our solution, you can effortlessly identify, evaluate, and manage change orders, ensuring that they don’t become a drain on your project’s bottom line

It streamlines the process, providing you with the insights and tools needed to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and ultimately enhance your project’s profitability.

Don’t let Change Orders be the tail-enders that sneakily affect your construction project’s bottom line. Embrace the power of Construction ERP Software and take control of your project’s financial success.

To explore how NAVBUILD, Construction Industry Solutions built Inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software can benefit your business, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help you hit those change orders effectively and run projects profitably