Work smarter. Unify business and productivity applications.

Imagine your business has a new sales opportunity. Different teams need to work together to build a presentation to capitalize on the opportunity. If your business applications work in silos, it’s up to individual employees to compare and consolidate feedback. Additionally, it can be very difficult to ensure everyone is working in the most up-to-date version.

Imagine how collaboration workspaces can totally change the game. Without leaving a workspace, your team members can access connected data and insights to create the presentation. They can easily bring together relevant customer or financial information. And, there are never any issues with version control.

Business owners today may ask themselves: how do I ensure that people, processes and data are as connected as possible? The good news is, modern cloud-based applications come with the innate ability to talk to one another. One common platform makes it possible for teams to collaborate, share ideas and see the bigger picture.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, organizations can manage customer relationships, stay engaged remotely, and boost sales revenue—all within one platform. They no longer need to open and close different applications to search for valuable data and insights. Instead, customers enjoy immediate business results with preconfigured, ready-to-use tools–which boosts sales productivity!

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Teams work together to make collaboration and sales processes painless and seamless, and most importantly save time, remove human error and dramatically increase business productivity. In this eBook, you learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 works with Office 365 to unite people, processes and data to enhance performance and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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