Many companies are having problems getting real-time information managing their information, products and processes. For this type of problem, Microsoft Dynamic NAV provides a best solution. Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a comprehensive business management ERP which is easy to implement configure and use. It is a cost effective method and it provides a functional and flexible solutions for the mid sized companies by tailoring it according to the company needs.

Navision helps in serving all the small and medium enterprises it also helps in yielding best results which when implemented by CETAS Information Technology Pvt Ltd partnering with Microsoft Dynamics. NAV is mainly designed for medium sized companies to increase their productivity without disturbing the day to day business process and can be tailored based on the company needs which helps in giving the cost effective solutions for the small and midsize businesses. It supports add-on software and customization to meet the industrial or other specific needs.

With the strong presence of us in various domains such as Retail & Manufacturing, construction for many years we Cetas can able to provide you the best ERP with flexible customization work as you require. Navision helps the employers to know some important details such as production schedule, inventory level, sales order and marketing campaign on a single database by a single click. With its feature-rich application areas and open development environment the fully customizable business solution is simple to use and maintain. Navision helps in speeding up your decision making so that you can get new market opportunities and respond more quickly to the competitive challenges.

Navision also helps in providing technical support by ensuring that the business process is not affected by any bugs or downtime caused due to the ERP system. By recognizing the importance of increasing productivity in the small and medium sized companies and preventing bugs Cetas Information Technology Pvt Ltd provides this ERP solution. Navision allows the employees to know all the information regarding production levels, products in stock, sales order and marketing campaigns all in a single database. Information entered in a database in one system is made available in all the application areas so that you can leverage your corporate knowledge and optimize your business processes.

The following are some of the Support services offered by using Dynamics NAVBUILD at Cetas. They are,

1. Technical support services
2. Technical migration services
3. Implementation services
4. Re-Implementation services and
5. Implementation Audit.